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Hitachi v-695 2-channel 60MHZ oscilloscope

This is a used Hitachi Oscilloscope - normal wear and tear can be expected
The following informations obtain from Internet:
* New Basic Series RTO, Designed to Provide the Basics in Waveform Observation
* Direct readings of measured values are extremely simple and accurate (V-1585/1565/695/555).
* Sweep time autoranging automatically optimizes the sweep time (V-1585/1565/1560/695).
* Lightweight portable design with large 6 inch CRT.
Quality, Reliability and Performance :
* Tested in ISO9002 factory.
* Provides high performance with delayed sweep (V-1585/1565/1560/695), TV sync trigger, frequency counter (V-1585/1565/695), cursor readout (V-1585/1565/685/555), trigger lock (V-1585/1565/1560/695), auto trigger level (V-1585/1565/1560/695), DC offset (V-555/552), and alternate magnification (V-555/552).
* Acceleration potential: V-1585: 17kV; V-1565/1560: 17kV; V-555/552: 12kV; V-695: 12kV V-252: 2kV
* Vertical sensitivity: 2mV to 5V/div, V-555/552/252: 5mV to 5V/div (1mV/div with 5)
* Input impedance: 1M//23pF; V-555/552/252: 1M//25pF
* Input withstand voltage: 400V(DC+AC peak at 1kHz); V-555/552/252: 300V(DC+ACpeak at 1kHz)
* Bandwidth limiter: V-1585: 20MHz; V-1565/1560: 20MHz; V-695: 10Mhz Others: Not provided
Main: 50ns/div to 0.5s/div; V-555/552/252: 0.2s/div to 0.2s/div
Delayed: 50ns/div to 50ms/div
Max. sweep rate: 5ns/div 5ns/div; V-555/552: 20ns/div; V-252: 100ns/div
* Display mode: A, ALT, B; V-555/552/252: A only
* Power supply: 90 to 250V, 48 to 440Hz; V-555/552/252: 100/120/220/240V10%, 50/60Hz
* Power consumption: 35W to 42W
* Dimensions 310(W)x130(H)x370(D)mm, 12.2x5.1x14.5 ins.; V-1565/1560/695: 275(W)130(H)360(D)mm, 10.8x5.1x14.1 ins.
* Weight V-1585: 7kg, 15.4 lbs.; V-1565/1560/695: 6kg, 13.2 lbs.; V-555/552: 6.5kg,

Hitachi v-695 2-channel 60MHZ oscilloscope Hitachi v-695 2-channel 60MHZ oscilloscope