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Leica scanstation 2 3D laser scanner hds

We are offering a DEMO 2007 Leica ScanStation 2 3D Laser Scanner in Excellent Condition with 10-day money back guarantee
This Leica ScanStation 2 is a 2 year old demo unit in like-new condition. It has been used exclusively for sales demonstrations by our staff. It is now available for sale. An extended warranty can be purchased from Leica continuing the original factory warranty (a one year extension is $9,500, a two year extension is $9,900- both come with access to Leica's Support Hotline, and free firmware updates) . This unit is hardware only- software is available separately if needed. Basic software (Cyclone Scan, Cyclone Model, and Cyclone Register) starts at $15,000, and requires a laptop computer to run (not included). We can help you decide which software is required for the applications you anticipate. Training is not included (4 day basic training is $4,200 and is available at Leica facilities in San Ramon, CA or Atlanta, GA, or at your own facility for additional cost).
The Manufacturer's List Price is $102,375....take advantage of this opportunity to get into scanning at a greatly reduced price!
With a 10-times boost in maximum instantaneous scan speed and the full freedom and accuracy of a total station, the Leica ScanStation 2 has lifted laser scanning to the next level. This speed and productivity boost builds on the already industry-leading versatility of the ScanStation class of laser scanner to make High-Definition Surveying (HDS ) profitable for even more as-built and topographic survey projects. Now housed in a lighter, lower profile design, the Leica ScanStation 2 is capable of a maximum instantaneous scan speed of 50,000 points/second, more than 10-times that of its ScanStation predecessor (4,000 points/second) and the highest in the industry for pulsed scanners. Ideal for high-density scanning of building facades, plant as-builts, structural as-builts and forensic scene capture, the Leica ScanStation 2 also incorporates a number of new features including the industry s first coordinate lock function. This feature allows a user to point the scanner s visible green beam to visual location specific, pre-selected coordinates such as drill or attachment points for fabrication. In addition, users can reduce the minimum point-to-point spacing in any scan. The previous allowable minimum scan spacing was 1.2 mm; now users are free to space points less than 1 mm apart. This is particularly advantageous for those that need to survey fine features such as architectural details or structural elements like bolt head geometry. The ScanStation 2 incorporates an integrated, dual-axis compensator which allows survey-grade traversing and stakeout.
What kind of accuracy can the ScanStation 2 achieve?
At 50m range the ScanStation 2 can acheive a position accuracy of a single measurement of 6mm, a distance accuracy of 4mm, and an angle accuracy (horizontal/vertical) of 3.8 mgon. The laser spot size is 4mm at 50m. Modeled surface precision is 2mm. The scan density is less than 1mm, maximum. Laser scanning range is up to 300m. The scan rate is 50,000 points/second.
What accessories does the ScanStation 2 package include?
(1) Leica heavy duty tripod with dual clamps
(2) Leica GEB271 external batteries
(2) Leica GKL271 Charging Stations for GEB271
(2) Leica GEV226 A/C Power Supply for GKL271
(2) Leica GEV226 Power Cables, 5m
(1) Leica Tribrach with Optical Plummet
(1) Leica Sheided Ethernet Cable, 14 ft.
We guarantee this instrument arrives safely and calibrated to manufacturer's specifications
AmeriJet Air Freight (Airport-to-Airport)
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