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627N1SS 627-4-2RS 627-2RS-1/4" id nmb ball bearing

NMB 627N1SS M3MTA1LY13 Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing Double Seal Type
Radial Deep Groove Ball Bearing - Extra Small Metric Series - Conrad Type - Two Seals
* N1 - Special Inside Diameter: 1/4 inch bore
* SS - Closures: two S type seals. These seals offer the least rolling resistance possible while still providing protection for the bearing. This sealing mechanism is called an axial face seal design. Different from most seals which seal perpendicular to the mating surface, these seal in a parallel configuration, where the inner flat part of the sealing lip mates up against a machined metal shelf on the inner race of the bearing. Water and foreign matter force the seal closed when trying to enter, while, under normal conditions, the bearing rolls along with extremely low resistance.
* M3 - Radial Internal Clearance: 0.005 - 0.010 mm, specific clearance for electric motors. This class includes a tighter noise specification and has a very small range of radial clearances as well as small clearance values.
* MT - (EMQ) Electric Motor Quality, for use in extremely noise sensitive applications.
* LY13 - Lubrication: pre-lubricated with high temperature Dow Corning Molykote 44M grease, MIL-G-15719A http://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0ByDWQMC6raeROGRiNWQ2NzQtOGFjOC00YmJkLThkM2UtZDA5YWM1MjFjZmFk&hl=en

627N1SS 627-4-2RS 627-2RS-1/4 627N1SS 627-4-2RS 627-2RS-1/4