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96 units of ADV7176KS integrated digital pal/ntsc video

YCrCb to PAL/NTSC Video Encoder
Item is in original 96/tray pkg.
The ADV7175/ADV7176 is an integrated digital video encoder
that converts Digital CCIR-601 4:2:2 component video data into a
standard analog baseband television signal compatible with world
wide standards NTSC, PAL B/D/G/H/I, PAL M or PAL N. In
addition to the composite output signal, there is the facility to output
S-VHS Y/C video, YUV or RGB video. The Y/C, YUV or
RGB format is simultaneously available at the analog outputs with
the composite video signal. Each analog output generates a
standard video-level signal into a doubly terminated 75
CCIR-601 YCrCb to PAL/NTSC Video Encoder
Single 27 MHz Clock Required (
CCIR-656 4:2:2 8-Bit Parallel Input Format
4:2:2 16-Bit Parallel Input Format
SMPTE 170M NTSC Compatible Composite Video Output
CCIR624/CCIR601 PAL Compatible Composite Video Output
Simultaneous Composite and S-VHS Y/C or RGB YUV
Programmable Luma Filters (Low-Pass/Notch)
Square Pixel Support (Slave Mode)
Allows Subcarrier Phase Locking with External Video
10-Bit DAC Resolution for Encoded Video Channels
8-Bit DAC Resolution for RGB Output
YUV Interpolation for Accurate Subcarrier Construction
Programmable Subcarrier Frequency and Phase
Color Signal Control/Burst Signal Control
Interlaced/Noninterlaced Operation
Complete On-Chip Video Timing Generator
Master/Slave Operation Supported
Master Mode Timing Programmability