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Acrylic plexiglass sheet clear 1/4" x 48." x 21."

ACRYLITE FF acrylic sheet is a continuously manufactured acrylic sheet. It is produced
processing of extruded sheet, along with the high optical characteristics and low
stress levels expected of cast products. Colorless ACRYLITE FF sheet carries an
exclusive 10-year limited warranty on light transmission your assurance of a
The clarity and light stability of acrylic resin make it possible to manufacture
crystal clear ACRYLITE FF sheet.
ACRYLITE FF sheet is a lightweight, rigid and weather-resistant thermoplastic.
ACRYLITE FF sheet is dimensionally stable and resistant to breakage, and can be
easily sawed, machined, heat-formed and cemented.
Because of its virtually distortion-free clarity, it is well suited for use in a variety
Skylights Window Glazing Store or P-O-P Displays
Signs Window Frames Optical Displays
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Acrylic plexiglass sheet clear 1/4