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Pelco ^ MCC1300H-2 camera b/w 1/3" high resolution

Description of Pelco MCC1300H-2
The MCC1300H-2 is Pelco's smallest Monochrome (B/W) CCD camera. The compact camera's hight resolution, 1/3-inch imager and high-density image sensor emsure a sharp and clear picture over a wide range of conditions.
The MCC1300H-2's extensive features create top quality picture output in various lighting environments. The camera adjusts automatically to light changes when the automatic gain control is used with a fixed or manual iris lens. The analog eclipser function allows the auto-iris lens to create clear images in a dark area with a strongly backlit background. Backlight compensation adjusts the picture to prevent objects from appearing extremely dark due to a strong backlight. The CCC1300H-2 integrates other fine-tuning functions such as automatic sensitivity adjustment, real-time auto white balance, and auto iris lens output.
The MCC1300H-2 has a standard CS lens mount, but can be used with fixed, manual, or auto (DC or video drive controlled) auto iris lenses. The iris is cotrolled through a standard four-pin square connector that is included on all Pelco auto iris lenses.
The MCC1300H-2 has a quick-connect power conection, BNC video connector, and a standear 1/4-20 screw for top or bottom mounting. The camera is quick and easy to install and is ideal for use with DF5, DF8A, EH100, EH3508 and EH2508 enclosures. The camera is also featured in Pelco's 5-inch (12.7 cm) DomePak line of discreet, low cost ImagePak, fixed camera/dome packages.
1/3-Inch Format CCD Imager
CS Lens Mount (C-Mount Lenses Require Optional Adapter)
24VAC Power with Line Lock
Horizontal Resolution of 470 TV lines
For Use with DC-Controlled and Video-Drive Auto Iris Lenses or Fixed/Manual Iris Lenses

Pelco ^ MCC1300H-2 camera b/w 1/3