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Netcom smartbits 2000 20 slot chassis w/ 8 ml-7710 card

Product: Spirent Netcom Smartbits 2000 20 Slot Chassis with 8x ML-7710 Cards
Description: The Spirent SmartBits 2000 can be used to test a variety of network devices and complex network configurations. It is designed for network equipment manufacturers, telcos and ISPs, evaluation labs, and enterprise users.
* The SMB-2000 has 20 SmartCard slots and is bundled with SmartWindow, SmartLib, and SmartApplications.
* Holds up to twelve modules
* A scalable system, allowing units to be grouped to support 640 ports.
* SmartCards available to support 10/100/1000 Base Ethernet, DS1 to OC-12 ATM and WAN applications.
* Netcom Smartbits SMB-2000 20 Slot chassis
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