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New n/s schlage "SC1" key blanks-house/business

5 ea. of the most common & widely used home & business brand new Schlage "SC1" key blanks. These blanks are "nickel-silver" plated. Great item for hobbyist, novice or serious locksmith. A must have item. These are for five pin cylinder.
Also, to further you key blank needs, let us know what we can put together for you as we do have quite assortment of key blanks. As you probably know there may be a difference in the key blank prices due to manufacturing pricing. Look for our more combo packs to follow of common key blanks. Don t forget to ask about our foreign, sectionals, vintage & antique vintage key blanks.
I am a 3rd generation locksmith & ready to answer most questions you may have.

New n/s schlage