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[set of 2] 3/4" bspt taps [3/4INCH bsp-taper hss dormer

DORMER 3/4-14 BSPT TAPS [set of 2]..
Manufacturer: DORMER [Sweden] Range: E550
Details from box label: Rc[BSPT] Tap Set of 2
Set of two taps: first and second cut
DORMER webpage: http://datasheet.octopart.com/E5501B-Dormer-datasheet-5334635.pdf
These taps are the standard "BSP TAPER". 14-tpi is the most commonly used 3/4BSP pitch found in plumbing & hydraulic applications.
Unlike "BSPP", "BSP parallel" or "G3/4" these BSPT will cut a finished tapered thread.
Condition: {SEE PICTURE} NEW "OLD STOCK". i.e. ABSOLUTELY NEVER USED although I have had them stored for several years. The plastic case has received some marks and scratches.
These are very expensive and exceptionally high quality taps.
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[set of 2] 3/4