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Sokkia srx robotic with explorer 600+, & 500M no prism

Sokkia SRX Fully Robotic, Auto-tracking Total Station with Bluetooth Technology, Red-tech EX and 500 meter Reflectorless and CARLSON Explorer 600+ only
Sokkia SRX Fully Robotic Total Station
$ 17,775.00 checked , certified, by factory technical
Leasing available in the US and some warranty will apply
( LEASING OPTION estimate 36 months approx. $1000 down and $485 per month, $1.00 purchase)
CALL or email questions to: SKIP FARROW 843.514.3657 ****@palmettoequipment.com
or MARK MOLONY 843.637.6047 mark.****@gmail.com
The SRX from Sokkia is a fully-robotic, fully-tracking and auto-pointing robotic total station, with on-demand target reacquisition.Sokkia SRX Sidebar
Sokkia's SRX has Bluetooth wireless technology for cable-free use, making this single-operator Total Station even more convenient. Multiple data interfaces, including USB and Compact Flash, make data in the field easy to transport back to the office. Saving data is easier than ever before with the options of USB or compact flash.
Sokkia's developers didn't stop there; they also enhanced the encoder with IACS technology. Groundbreaking new Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) provides extremely reliable angle measurement with unprecedented stability.
ro bot ics (r-bt'iks) n. 1. Intelligent instrument with the
ability to follow users walking behind objects. 2. Newest technology
including precise, long-range, reflectorless measurement and
patented IACS and RED-Tech EX technology. 3. Instrument with
multiple data interfaces including USB and Compact Flash.
->Enhanced, Extended performance
* The EDM beam size now changes to suit the target type and conditions for observation
* Range for all measurement modes has been increased
Reflector (AP01 / 360 Prism ATP1) RCPR3 Prism
Range AP01 : 1.3~5000m (average atmospheric condition)
: 1.3~6000m (good atmospheric condition)
Range ATP1 : 1.3~1000m (average atmospheric condition)
Accuracy : 1.5mm+2ppm* (1 instrument)
Accuracy : 3mm+2ppm (1 ~5 instrument)
* Because it's the time spent between points that's important.
* Stress-Free Complete Remote Control RED-tech EX - Precise Distance Measurement over a Wide Range of Situations Encoders Enhanced with IACS Technology Multiple Data Interfaces Fully Wireless
SRX eliminates the problems of previous remote control systems, which were often stressful and time-consuming to use.With SRX, there s: - No more waiting for the total station to lock on to the prism - No more lost targets and unreliable tracking - No more accidental sighting of other reflective objects SRX achieves stress-free complete remote control with a combination of SRX series auto-tracking and an RCPR3 on-demand remote control system. This powerful combination eliminates operator stress and increases productivity immediately.
* On-Demand Remote Control System
The On-demand Remote Control System emits a laser fan beam that is detected by the RC detector unit in the SRX handle. SRX quickly rotates in the direction of the prism, auto-points and starts measurement right away. The RC-PR3 unit is equipped with a directional sensor to ensure that SRX always rotates in the shortest direction, dramatically speeding up one-touch target acquisition.
Simply press the measurement key and SRX will rotate toward the prism and immediately start measurement. SRX is available in both full robotic and upgradeable auto-pointing configurations.
* Focus on Where You re Going!
With SRX, you can smoothly continue measurement even if buildings, trees or passing traffic interrupt the line of sight. Even the roughest terrain poses no problem for SRX. All you need to do is pay attention to your footing and SRX will take care of the rest. If target loss should occur, press the measurement key and the on-demand remote control unit will automatically capture the prism using the on-board directional sensor, allowing you to continue without missing a beat.
If SRX gets caught sighting another reflective object, the ondemand remote control system quickly calls it back to the prism. Recovery and measurement are done at the push of a button.
SRX total station featuresSRX Card slots and USBPhysical Specifications Sokkia SRX
* Completely new environmental-friendly designSokkia SRX in Action
* New motors and jog dials for precise positioning and accurate aiming
* New precise and reliable absolute encoders
* New dual-mode Auto-pointing and Auto-tracking
* New enhanced On-Demand Remote Control System
* Integrated long-range Bluetooth wireless technology
* New Enhanced EXtended reflectorless technology
* New touch screen color display
* Windows CE 5 operating system
* Compact Flash Card support (up to 1GB) and USB ports
* Dust proof and waterproof construction even when external devices are connected
No matter which way you sight it, Sokkia's unique ATP1 360 prism plays an important role in high-precision measurement by minimizing sighting error. 360 Prism Sokkia SRXThe focally aligned 6-piece ATP1 offers the industry's best accuracy. Why set your sights on anything less than the best?
To see more about the Sokkia SRX, check out the Product Brochure
* Featuring advanced protection against water and dust, SRX is ideal for use in inclement weather, humid environments, or on dusty work sites. Dust and water proof environment protection is kept even when the external battery or the data collector are connected.
Bluetooth and completely Cable Free
SRX Equipment List and Power System Interface

Sokkia srx robotic with explorer 600+, & 500M no prism Sokkia srx robotic with explorer 600+, & 500M no prism Sokkia srx robotic with explorer 600+, & 500M no prism Sokkia srx robotic with explorer 600+, & 500M no prism Sokkia srx robotic with explorer 600+, & 500M no prism